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Parenting You First is for those that want lasting fulfillment in parenting.

Founded by Kimberly Hackett, a licensed family therapist & parent coach. Experience a collection of digital products, consulting services, and community-building tools for parents who want more out of their relationship with their child and with themselves.

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" I created Parenting You First with the mission of empowering parents to transform their world by building deeper connections with their children. I strive to bring warmth, experience and understanding to each interaction. With that, I am committed to strengthening the parent-child relationship, which starts with being there for parents first, so they can be there for themselves first."

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Kimberly's latest ebook, The No-Conflict Family Meeting Guide is a valuable parenting tool you can implement right away to build a stronger, healthier relationship with your child.

Let this ebook be a guide to help you:

  1. Handle any issue that comes your way 
  2. Eliminate power struggles once and for all 
  3. Build a successful family culture 

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