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Why I Keep a Journal – A Journal Entry

Journaling every morning is an ongoing conversation with my inner world. It’s a routine that starts my day and wakes up my right brain and says hello. I’m here. It loosens me up and soothes me. And makes me more sharp and elastic. It connects me to the past. It helps me be in the present

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Why Building a Family is Like Baking a Cake

An inspired friend made me a sweet potato cake when I went into labor with my fourth child. She delivered it by car and walked into the kitchen to place it on the kitchen counter while I was upstairs with my husband and midwife. I had no idea. Minutes after my daughter was born, my

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Parenting You is not about trying to change your kids behavior. It is about noticing your feelings and reactions, sitting with and learning from them. It is challenging rewarding work and Kimberly is an incredible coach. Her expertise, compassion and belief in parents helped us feel confident and supported in this work. I believe this is valuable work for every parent who is willing to look inward to support their own personal growth and their growth as a parent.