“In the shoes of The Parent, we quickly discover it’s far more complicated than just loving our child. There are roadblocks we never anticipated, making parenting an intense, emotional roller coaster. Challenging each of us beyond what we think we’re capable of.” ~Kimberly

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Breaking Down a Mundane Parent Moment

First of all, every parent is challenged by their kids. There’s no shame – just opportunity to gently notice what’s really going on. Your willingness to step back and look objectively at a difficult parent moment is how you change what’s not working. Mundane parent moment-  The Scene: It’s 6pm, and a mom and her four-year-old son are in

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A Question Answered!

How is Parenting You different from other parenting philosophies? Parenting You focuses on the parent experience. Parenting You is about parents asking themselves – “What’s getting in the way of connection, of being the parent I want to be and the parent my child needs me to be? The answer takes parents on a journey inward.

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What’s Parenting You About Really?

Parenting You evolved during my work as an adolescent and family therapist. Very quickly I knew an hour-a-week with a therapist was not the solution to family conflict. I began to understand that: A therapist is only a moment in time for the few. The parent-child relationship is 24/7. No one can replace the parent. Parenting

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How Parents Grow – Asking for Help

For many of us, asking for help is an imposition, weak, dangerous, burdensome, a character flaw… We don’t, won’t, refuse to ask for help even when we so clearly need help. Why is it so hard to ask for help? For me, for years it meant people would know I didn’t have it together. I

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Parenting You is not about trying to change your kids behavior. It is about noticing your feelings and reactions, sitting with and learning from them. It is challenging rewarding work and Kimberly is an incredible coach. Her expertise, compassion and belief in parents helped us feel confident and supported in this work. I believe this is valuable work for every parent who is willing to look inward to support their own personal growth and their growth as a parent.