“In the shoes of The Parent, we quickly discover it’s far more complicated than just loving our child. There are roadblocks we never anticipated, making parenting an intense, emotional roller coaster. Challenging each of us beyond what we think we’re capable of.” ~Kimberly

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Parent Vision Starts in Childhood

I chatted with Joseph after swimming this morning. His son is now a month old. He hit his first minor roadblock. “My mother-in-law! She wants to do everything. It bothers me,” he said. “I want to be the one who provides for my son. I want my son to look to me and my wife,

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Parenting is Not about Gender

Steven, the lifeguard, had a baby. He’s working on getting paternity leave so he can bond with his son. Every day I see dads pushing strollers and carrying baby packs. The other night a couple was having dinner in an empty restaurant. I watched them pass the baby back and forth, so each could eat.

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Nature Nurture debate

Are you more Nature than Nurture?

Every experience lives inside us, like rooms in a castle. What also lives in us is our genetic makeup or Nature. We are not born clean slates to be molded. We are born with hard-wiring that is electrified by experience. The debate whether we are more Nature than Nurture is a subject each generation of

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Parenting You is not about trying to change your kids behavior. It is about noticing your feelings and reactions, sitting with and learning from them. It is challenging rewarding work and Kimberly is an incredible coach. Her expertise, compassion and belief in parents helped us feel confident and supported in this work. I believe this is valuable work for every parent who is willing to look inward to support their own personal growth and their growth as a parent.