The Conscious Parent encourages parents to form mutual relationships with their children. The author is Shefali Tsabary, a psychologist.
Parenting from the Inside Out explores the link between a parent’s childhood experiences and parenting style. The authors are Daniel Siegel, a child psychiatrist, and Mary Hartzell, an expert in early childhood education.
The Faraway Horses is a memoir by Buck Brannaman, a horse trainer who says he had been “bit, kicked, bucked off and run over,” but learned that he would be successful when he could figure out why the horses were doing what they’re doing.
Toxic Parents is a self-help book for people who grew up with difficult parents and want to heal. The author is Susan Forward, a psychologist.
The Gardener and the Carpenter argues against the 21st Century model of parenting. The author is Alison Gopnik, a developmental psychiatrist.
Love Warrior is a memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton, an activist, philanthropist, and the creator of an online community called Momastery. In the book, the author looks at how she discovered herself after her marriage ended.
Hold On to Your Kids guides parents on how to stay attached to their kids so their kids don’t look to their peers for direction instead of their parents. The authors are Gordon Neufeld, a child development expert, and Gabor Mate, an expert in trauma, addiction, stress, and child development.
Daring Greatly encourages people to embrace vulnerability as a source of power, not weakness. The author is Brene Brown, a social work researcher at the University of Houston and expert in vulnerability and shame.

What Parents Are Saying

"Kimberly asks hard questions, and holds my feet to the fire. She has a gift for asking the right questions, and coming up with strategies that are manageable, comprehensible and always on target. "
- Single mother of two adopted boys (ages 9 &13)
"Kimberly has been a God-send to me. She always gets where I’m coming from and supports me while giving me guidance, tools and hope. "
- Single mother of one (18)
"Her approach is caring, no-nonsense and action oriented. I would definitely recommend her."
- Single father of three (ages 9, 9 & 12)
"We sometimes wonder how we managed as parents before we met (Kimberly)! We feel more confident and calm as we parent our kids together. "
- Father of two (ages 3 & 5)
"She is superb at finding the right balance of coaching, guidance and providing practical tools. She is insightful and encouraging but also knows when to provide the necessary push me to look deeper at my reactions to given situations. ... I strongly urge any parent to work with Kimberly, especially when a parent is confronted with recurring challenging interaction with your child."
- Mother and stepmother of four teenagers
""Thank you for believing in me, Kimberly! You made me realize that there is hope and I appreciate your sincerity and kindness.""
- Mom of 2 under 4