How Parents Grow - On Vacation - Kimberly Hackett

How Parents Grow – On Vacation

Eggs in Frying Pan

The first rule of thumb when it comes to being a parent – nothing stays the same. Once you figured something out, you’re on to the next challenge.

You can count it. The learning curve never ends, and that’s a good thing, even though it doesn’t always feel like it.

Being challenged means, you get to make a choice. Meet the challenge or shrink. That’s it. Grow or postpone inevitable growth. Because your kid’s growth isn’t going away – so neither can yours.

I’m on vacation with some of my adult kids.

Breakfast and dinner scene –

“Mom, I got this. You don’t have to cook.”

“Ok, but can you use more butter?”

“Mom, go sit down and relax. I got this.”

“Ok, but I think you need more salt.”

“Mom, I got this, go sit outside on the porch and relax.”

“Ok, good idea but in a second.”

My growing curve is evident. But still, I’m not getting my need to control the kitchen as often as I would like. My kids have it under control so why can’t I just enjoy their efforts?

Good question.

I don’t want to do all the cooking, so why am I hovering in the kitchen?

What I do know, is that letting go has to do with me and has nothing to do with them.

The question I ask myself is – “what’s really going on here?”

And this is the U-turn to understanding myself a little bit more and choosing to change what’s not working for them.

It’s what I’ve been working on this vacation.

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