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Dear Fearless Parent - Ready to Join an Online Parent Group

March 06, 2018


Dear Fearless Parent,

I want to say - I'm here for you. I'm a therapist and parent coach and have created a way of supporting parents to:

1. move into Parent Leadership
2. invest in Connection at all cost
3. make a U-turn toward personal growth, healing, and repair

What stops parents from assuming parent leadership is Stuff. The maze of stuff inside us. The unresolved, unreconciled stuff from our childhoods can get in the way of being the parent we want to be and the parent our child needs us to be.

Stuff is complicated, especially if we don't deal with it. It can take over and thwart our best efforts and intentions. But stuff is also an opportunity and where our attention needs to go.

We know what makes us feel good. We're not that different from each other. Love, connection, being seen and heard, valued, respected, needed, wanted. That's a good start. What it boils down to is a relationship that works. The thing is the parent-child relationship is not just any relationship. It is THE relationship that defines how we know love and connection.

The parent-child relationship (and I do not overstate this) is the most influential and significant relationship of our lives. And when it doesn't work, it hurts and drives us to find answers - in others, in things, in ourselves.

Because you are the parent, you are the architect of your relationship with your child. That's hard to hear when it's not working. Feels good though when it does work. Right?

Because of this - parenting is about how well parents know and love themselves.

And how willing we are to do whatever it takes to fix what's not working? That's a choice and an opportunity.

But we have to choose, sometimes daily, hourly, to turn towards what's not working.

We have to be brave.

When we were children, we wanted our parent/s to fight for love and connection. That doesn't mean giving us what we wanted. No. You know that. It means fighting to break through anything that gets in the way of love and connection.

Kids need their parents more than ever.

That's what Parenting You is all about.

In a few weeks, I'm launching a private online parent group. I'll write in more detail next week.

Stay tuned and be in touch if you have thoughts or questions,


What Parents Are Saying

"Kimberly asks hard questions, and holds my feet to the fire. She has a gift for asking the right questions, and coming up with strategies that are manageable, comprehensible and always on target. "
- Single mother of two adopted boys (ages 9 &13)
"Kimberly has been a God-send to me. She always gets where I’m coming from and supports me while giving me guidance, tools and hope. "
- Single mother of one (18)
"Her approach is caring, no-nonsense and action oriented. I would definitely recommend her."
- Single father of three (ages 9, 9 & 12)
"We sometimes wonder how we managed as parents before we met (Kimberly)! We feel more confident and calm as we parent our kids together. "
- Father of two (ages 3 & 5)
"She is superb at finding the right balance of coaching, guidance and providing practical tools. She is insightful and encouraging but also knows when to provide the necessary push me to look deeper at my reactions to given situations. ... I strongly urge any parent to work with Kimberly, especially when a parent is confronted with recurring challenging interaction with your child."
- Mother and stepmother of four teenagers
""Thank you for believing in me, Kimberly! You made me realize that there is hope and I appreciate your sincerity and kindness.""
- Mom of 2 under 4