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Cliff Overlooking Sea

Parents! We are Working Castles

Imagine you’re a castle. Where would you be? On a cliff overlooking a turbulent sea, at the edge of a forest, on a hilltop surrounded by green pastures? Is there a moat with a drawbridge or are you in the middle of a lake? Do you stand alone or are you the centerpiece of a

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Small Tree Forest

Parenting Our Outside In Stories

Right away, Julia starts in. “Nicky is smart but also a pain in the ass. She’s demanding and rude but sweet when she wants something. Just like her grandmother. She expects me to hand her spending money every weekend. She works hard in school. Teachers love her. She has good friends. But no one sees

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Neighborhood Park

The Parent Experience

In Latin, parent means “to bring forth,” to create, form, provide, make new, produce, develop, grow. It’s easy to see how these words apply to raising children. However, when we think about the parent experience, we falter. The parent experience is that profound and consuming inner happening we don’t easily tap into or talk about.

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Swing Overlooking Water

Taking Action

If you’ve found your way to my first blog post it means you are looking for answers to questions about how to parent a struggling adolescent child. It also means you are struggling. The old maxim is true – parents can only be as happy as their unhappiest child. You surf the Internet for insight,

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Seedlings Growing

Growing Alongside Our Children

There’s a lot of confusion about the role of parenting today. What’s too much, too little? Too strict, too loose? And the homework, how should parents manage that, when it seems our child’s future depends on each and every assignment. And what about who they are as people? Are they happy, sad, ambivalent, generous, loud,

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Bird In Flight

Birds Frozen in Flight

Once when visiting a drop-in center for homeless youth, a tall, overweight youth came up to me. “Are you coming to the Talent Show tonight? “Ummm, I didn’t know about it. What’s happening?” “Well, we all get up and sing, tell poetry, whatever. It’s fun. There’s food and we hang out.” “That sounds fun but

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