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Women Talking and Laughing

Noticing People Talking

Overhearing snatches of conversation I look up and see two men talking at a nearby table. I guess they’re new acquaintances. Two women embrace by the window. “You look great” one says to the other. They settle into an easy conversation, where the men seem reserved but relaxed. There is a balancing act that happens

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Sea Shell on Beach

In a Near Perfect World

In a near perfect world we would be family. We would not hate or fear, or intentionally hurt one another. We would feel safe in our towns, homes, schools and skin. There would be no denunciation or blocking of difference. We would enjoy eccentricity and promote creativity. We would see need and act. Truth, trust

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Padlock on Wood Door

Auto-Parenting is Throwing Life Away

Auto-parenting is hugely threatening to the parent-child relationship. When we parent unconsciously, we turn off our power to engage with our child and with our self. Did you know more than 40% of everyday living happens in auto-pilot, which means almost half our life, our interactions with others and our self is done without thinking

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Dock on Water

Trump and Anger – Now What?

We’re a country up in arms. I saw a truly unfortunate image on Facebook this morning – a woman defecating on a Trump poster in Times Square. My father once told me we are what we read and who we choose to spend time with and I wonder how much I know myself these days

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Family Baking Ingredients

Ingredients to Parent Leadership

What are the ingredients that create those special, humming, effortlessly connected moments with your child? You know you feel happy, calm and connected but what else is going on? Here is a list of ingredients that are needed to make that perfect stew again and again. Space – This is the space you feel inside.

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Swim Coach

I’m a Parent Coach. You’re an Athlete.

I’m a parent coach. We don’t have to have it figured out, we just need to stay engaged, be curious and actively tune into our children and ourselves. When parents take care of themselves, they take care of their children. When they work to understand themselves, they naturally work to understand their children. If you

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Columbine – A Mother’s Reckoning

The news hit hard – as it always does – when I read there’s been another senseless shooting. That day I’d just finished A Mother’s Reckoning by Sue Klebold. Sue is the mother of one of the two Columbine shooters. Not many of us will want to pick this book up. The topic is dark

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Parents Banish Son for Stealing

In the news, parents in New Mexico decide to punish their 16-year-old son for chronic stealing by banishing him to a tent in their yard until 9pm each night. He must write five book reports meant to teach him how to be a “respectable man.” They said they’ve tried everything. “We’re simply trying to teach

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Girl Alone

What Do These Parents Have in Common?

What do these stories have in common? A Japanese couple punished their seven-year-old son for throwing rocks at cars by leaving him alone on a mountain where they were foraging. They drove away without him. When they returned he was gone. Two days later, he’s still missing. A mother tells her 13-year-old son to go

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