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Girl Looking Through Trees

How Has Being a Parent Helped You Grow?

When I was little, I ran away and hid in our neighbor’s damp, dark window well. From my underground perch, I could see my house and watch for my mother who would eventually walk down the driveway calling my name. The sound of her voice always sent a tingle of love through me. If the

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Family Playing Video Games

A Screens Family Meeting the Parenting You Way

The issue is screens. What to do? Time to call a family meeting. Focus on Connection. Listen and be open to learning something new. Keep it simple. Don’t stack. Less is more. The goal is to keep the conversation going without reactivity. Remember screens are not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to

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U-Turn Road in Trees

Parenting From Frustration – Making a U-turn

(fictionalized coaching session) Andrew’s frustration at his children has a storyline. When asked what Frustration is thinking? Andrew answers, “It seems I can only get them to do what I want when I’m frustrated. It’s how I maintain control.” “When you’re frustrated, your kids listen to you.” “Mostly. Yes.” “So parenting from frustration is rewarded.

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Kids Out of Control

When All Hell Breaks Loose – Emailing with a Parent

Hi Kimberly, We really enjoyed the parenting workshop last weekend. We tried the family meeting and are more aware of our reactivity and emotions. We realized we ask things of our kids that we’re not modeling ourselves. We’re working on verbalizing our feelings as a healthy habit for ourselves but also for our kids. Overall,

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Kimberly Parent Coaching

What Parenting is Really About – a short surprising list

Last Saturday 18 fearless parents gave up their Saturday morning to talk about the power, potential and problem when parenting from reactivity. Here are my takeaways from the first Parenting You workshop Parenting is deep, profound, courageous, vulnerable relationship work. There’s no one script or how-to parenting book you can follow. Parenting is about connection, connection, connection and

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Boy Alone on Mobile Phone

Courage, Vulnerability and Parenting…

“You don’t understand.” “What is it? What’s wrong?” Terry’s 14-year-old son, Andre, is refusing to go to school. Terry is frantic with worry and frustration. “I’ve tried everything. Screaming, threatening, blackmail, standing over him every morning and ripping the sheets off his bed. It makes me feel like I’m a bad mother. If I was

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Flower with Bee

Feelings Support Parent Leadership

Justine and her boys burrow together on the sofa watching Pirates of the Caribbean. When she stands, Jacob whines and Justine feels a flash of annoyance. Immediately she sits down, telling herself a “good mother” stays with her children even when she doesn’t want to. An hour later when it’s time for bed, the boys

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Parenting Digging In

Parenting is an Invitation to Dig In

Parenting is such boots-on-the-ground work. There’s just no way around what needs to get done each day. Yet you keep showing up. You have to. As the saying goes, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. But parenting can’t just be work and sacrifice. It’s why so many parents get frustrated at their kids, “Look

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Brick Wall

Noticing Busyness

Last night in the parent group, we talked about Busyness being a guard. It got me thinking about pond skaters, the water bug that glides, skips and skates on pond surfaces. Busyness is like pond skating. It keeps us from stopping in place, from staying put, from being present. We’re constantly moving to stay afloat.

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