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Kids Demand Leadership

Kids Demand Leadership

This past weekend, kids stood up in front of thousands of other kids and adults and said: “Enough is enough. Do something!” Their call to action is to we adults who are failing them. Kids today live in an upside down, chaotic, dangerous world. How are we protecting them? In response to their protest and

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Parenting Love

Dear Fearless Parent – Listening to Feelings

Dear Fearless Parent, Did you talk to your kids about the latest school shooting? If you haven’t, you should. You must. Surfacing thoughts and feelings about kids killing kids in school is important to mental and family health. Don’t assume your child is not affected. Be a listener, a witness, a validator of feelings. Family

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Planting Flowers

What’s Parenting About?

If I asked you – what is parenting about, what would you say? Most parents answer with the truest definition of the word, “It’s about raising well-rounded children.” par·ent ala Webster’s dictionary to parent a verb be or act as a mother or father to (someone). “the warmth and attention that are the hallmarks of

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Remote Road Uturn

The Parenting U-Turn is Inner Work

Interviewing parents while driving from Vermont to California reminds me that loving children is never the problem. Every parent I meet loves their child/ren hugely and devotedly. But, inevitably, for all of us, stuff can get in the way. It’s that seemingly unresolvable, murky history living beneath the surface of our lives – stuff that

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UTurn Sign

Star Wars and The Parenting U-Turn

Spoiler Alert. This blog is about Star Wars – The Last Jedi. Life is pretty simple in the Star Wars world. There are the good guys, and there are the bad guys. And they battle. The galaxy depends on it. Dark cannot mix with light. You have to decide who you are and then stay

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Child Playing Baseball

Talking To Parents

Two mornings ago I woke up and went for a walk in a quiet, orderly Houston, TX. neighborhood. We stayed the night with old friends. Mostly we stay in state parks so sleeping in a bed in the heart of Houston felt a little strange, even after a few weeks of traveling in the pod

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Kimberly Camping Trailer

On the Road With Parenting You

Kevin and I left Vermont a few days before Thanksgiving and are making our way through the South in our Teardrop trailer. Our destination is Point Reyes, California by December 22, where our family is gathering for Christmas. In the New Year, I’ll be hosting a series of Parenting You workshops from Petaluma to San

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