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A Question Answered!

How is Parenting You different from other parenting philosophies? Parenting You focuses on the parent experience. Parenting You is about parents asking themselves – “What’s getting in the way of connection, of being the parent I want to be and the parent my child needs me to be? The answer takes parents on a journey inward.

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Walking on Beach

What’s Parenting You About Really?

Parenting You evolved during my work as an adolescent and family therapist. Very quickly I knew an hour-a-week with a therapist was not the solution to family conflict. I began to understand that: A therapist is only a moment in time for the few. The parent-child relationship is 24/7. No one can replace the parent. Parenting

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Girl with fake smile

How Parents Grow – Asking for Help

For many of us, asking for help is an imposition, weak, dangerous, burdensome, a character flaw… We don’t, won’t, refuse to ask for help even when we so clearly need help. Why is it so hard to ask for help? For me, for years it meant people would know I didn’t have it together. I

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Eggs in Frying Pan

How Parents Grow – On Vacation

The first rule of thumb when it comes to being a parent – nothing stays the same. Once you figured something out, you’re on to the next challenge. You can count it. The learning curve never ends, and that’s a good thing, even though it doesn’t always feel like it. Being challenged means, you get

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Boat on Lake

How Parents Grow – Staying Put

Staying Put is at first uncomfortable. It goes against our need to Do – Do – Do. Who do you listen to more – the need to stay busy or the invitation to stop moving? What exactly is staying put? To stay put means to park your mind for a few minutes when it wants

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Parenting and Isolation

How Parents Grow – Parenting & Isolation

I remember feeling isolated. Even though I had four kids and was never alone, I often felt apart from other adults, but mostly from myself. If I’m honest. The more I made my life about my kids the more isolated I felt. It’s pretty simple now to understand, but back then, it felt almost impossible

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Children in shelter

Caged Children – We Reap What We Sow

We live in a world where we put children in cages and wonder why mental illness is rampant. Brene Brown posted how her husband, a pediatrician, can translate a child’s crying. He says the cries of immigrant children separated from their parents is trauma response crying and is doing grave damage. In Denver today, a

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The Power of No

The Power of The Parent No

When talking to a parent the other day, we explored the power of No when it comes to parenting. No is easy. It limits possibility. It contains energy. No is sticking with what is known and comfortable. No is safer. It stops what’s happening in its tracks. Yes explodes energy. Yes takes you out of

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Your child needs you

10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs You

Your child needs you for the same reasons you needed your parents. These are my top 10. What are yours? 1.  Love 2.  Leadership 3.  Connection 4.  Safety 5.  Compassion 6.  Humor 7.  Trust 8.  Forgiveness 9.  Understanding 10.  Opportunity The daughter said to the Mom, “How am I like you?” “Well,” the mom said.

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Group of Motivated People

A Deeper Look at Motivation

Every time there’s a school shooting, I think about what happened 17 years ago when two teenage sons of friends killed two Dartmouth professors. It’s why I got (a) master’s in adolescent psychology and mental health counseling. How could this happen? I wanted to understand and I wanted to help, but mostly, I wanted not

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