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Why Building a Family is Like Baking a Cake

An inspired friend made me a sweet potato cake when I went into labor with my fourth child. She delivered it by car and walked into the kitchen to place it on the kitchen counter while I was upstairs with my husband and midwife. I had no idea. Minutes after my daughter was born, my

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Parent Vision Starts in Childhood

I chatted with Joseph after swimming this morning. His son is now a month old. He hit his first minor roadblock. “My mother-in-law! She wants to do everything. It bothers me,” he said. “I want to be the one who provides for my son. I want my son to look to me and my wife,

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Parenting is Not about Gender

Steven, the lifeguard, had a baby. He’s working on getting paternity leave so he can bond with his son. Every day I see dads pushing strollers and carrying baby packs. The other night a couple was having dinner in an empty restaurant. I watched them pass the baby back and forth, so each could eat.

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Nature Nurture debate

Are you more Nature than Nurture?

Every experience lives inside us, like rooms in a castle. What also lives in us is our genetic makeup or Nature. We are not born clean slates to be molded. We are born with hard-wiring that is electrified by experience. The debate whether we are more Nature than Nurture is a subject each generation of

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Parenting Is More Than Parenting Labels

Parenting Is More Than Parenting Labels

Adults label children. Labels are harmful, confining and hurtful. Yet we hide behind them because they’re also helpful. “You’re the smart one…the goofball…the shy one…the one who always got into trouble.” Wait a minute, you scream, there’s more to me than that.  We also label ourselves.  Labeling yourself means you are choosing how you want

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What makes a Helicopter Parent

What Makes a Helicopter Parent?

We All Have Moments of Helicopter Parenting. The dictionary defines a helicopter parent as someone “who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children.” The urban dictionary says it’s, “A parent who is overly involved in the life of their child. They tend to hover over their every movement

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Child in Water

Breaking Down a Mundane Parent Moment

First of all, every parent is challenged by their kids. There’s no shame – just opportunity to gently notice what’s really going on. Your willingness to step back and look objectively at a difficult parent moment is how you change what’s not working. Mundane parent moment-  The Scene: It’s 6pm, and a mom and her four-year-old son are in

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A Question Answered!

How is Parenting You different from other parenting philosophies? Parenting You focuses on the parent experience. Parenting You is about parents asking themselves – “What’s getting in the way of connection, of being the parent I want to be and the parent my child needs me to be? The answer takes parents on a journey inward.

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Walking on Beach

What’s Parenting You About Really?

Parenting You evolved during my work as an adolescent and family therapist. Very quickly I knew an hour-a-week with a therapist was not the solution to family conflict. I began to understand that: A therapist is only a moment in time for the few. The parent-child relationship is 24/7. No one can replace the parent. Parenting

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